I thought I'd better do a post to let my lovely followers know that I have not died, but my garage/work shop has been taken over by my neighbor who moved out of his house, and is using it for a storage unit until he can find another place to live.  I'm trying to be a good neighbor, but I'm getting a little frustrated....I want my space back!!  He originally said it would be two weeks....that was 3 months ago:(  I don't know how much longer I can hold on!  I have quite a few projects to do, and the husband has even given me some of his work tools/equipment to use, including an air compressor, and all the paint attachments....so excited!!

In the meantime, family summertime fun has been given my full attention.

There has been massive amounts of volleyball, 

 ...thunderstorms in the mountains,

...family fun over the 4th of July!

...so many rounds of Shanghai at the cabin, that my parents passed out!
 (they would kill me if they knew I posted this...shhh, don't tell...heehee!),

...and good food and jam sessions with family and friends.

I think I can hang on a bit longer, as long as I'm having this much fun:)  I will post again as soon as I have my space back and have completed a project.  Stella, among others, is waiting for her transformation.


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