The title of my blog certainly hasn't reflected my actions very well over the summer months, but I have a really good excuse.....its been SO DARN HOT!!!  I have several pieces of furniture that I really want to get working on, but seriously, can it just COOL OFF ALREADY??  This desert heat is brutal!  I am so excited to try my hand with my new state of the art air compressor, and handy dandy attachments that the hubs brought home.  I hope I can master it, cuz it will sure make the refinishing process so much easier.

I sold my very first piece today.  Miss Abigail went to a very nice home where I know she will be happy.  Here is a shout out to Austin, thanks for your patronage, and stay tuned for more exciting stuff :)

I hope that I haven't lost my meager, but "oh so flattered that I have them" followers.  Help get me motivated again by leaving me a comment.


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