Scratch Where it Itches…

I've been getting this itch lately!  An itch so bad that just merely scratching it, won't make it go away.  So you know what I did?  I got on Craigslist and found this little beauty:

She's seen better days, but with a little TLC, she'll be stunning! I think I'll call her

 I love restoring furniture, but for some reason I haven't done anything in a long time. Part of the reason is that I told myself I couldn't buy anything until I finished everything I already have that's taking up space in my garage. But I've had those pieces for so long, I've sort of lost interest in them. I decided that I needed a fresh start, and then I'll finish them. We'll see:)  I'm going to be at a volleyball tournament this weekend, so if you read this, give me some ideas on paint color(s)!

Anyway, my itch is getting much better, so stay tuned and I'll show you the after pic real soon!  She may or may not be for sale when she's done;)


Time is Flying By So Fast!!

So my last post was in December of last year, which doesn't seem like that long ago (in the blog world it's an eternity), but so much has happened since then.

Here's a little run down:

                  1.    As previously posted, Denise and Tyler were married in September of last year, making Mooch and I instant grandparents.  But, we are now expecting another grandbaby in September.  YES!!  Tyler and Denise are expecting.  Baby (boy) Jayce is anxiously expected to arrive on September 20th, and we are beside ourselves with JOY!

         2.        Also, as previously posted, Amy had met and became engaged to Montanta Englehart.  Well, we had a wedding on March 23rd in the Manti temple.  We are so excited to welcome Montanta into our family.


                        3.          Our Madysen is graduating in a few short weeks!!  I can hardly believe where the time has gone.  I'm now a mother-in-law, a grandma, and almost down to only 1 child at home!!  Boy do I feel OLD!

                       4.      Hayley (Bug) made, and was a starter on the varsity volleyball team as a freshman this year, and got to play with her big sister Mady before her big exit from high school.  So very proud of both of them.
Bug   →  ←  Mady

Life is good, and we are feeling blessed beyond measure!  I feel the hand of the Lord in my life each and every day.  I'm so grateful for Him and his blessings.

TaTa for now!



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