It is Thursday night and we must leave in the morning. I am so sad that our time at the beach is coming to an end. We have had so much fun while we have been here. Thank you so much to my dear friends Keith and Janae' Runyon for inviting us to spend a week down here enjoying this beautiful place, I am truly blessed with wonderful friends.

Today was even more of the same, sitting on the beach watching all the different creatures, from people to sea urchins. Here are some photos. This is a baby star fish that floated in on some seaweed.

Here are a few sea urchins that we found playing in the sand on the beach. Cute aren't they!!

Today, mine and Janae's creative juices started flowing and we decided that we better put it to good use before we lost it, never to find it again (well, at least for me anyway) but this is what we came up with. Hope you like it.
Teehee. I have to confess that I am once again using someone else's creativity and trying to pass it off as my own. There is a man down here who builds a different sandcastle every day and he was kind enough to take a picture of us posing as if we were the one's who made it. He was really quite talented as you can see.



Why does summer vacation have to go by so fast.  It seems like we just got here and it's already almost over.  There is something so tranquil about the beach, there is only one other place that is more calming and peaceful, and that is the temple.  We walked down the beach to the pier and had lunch at Ruby's today, a fun little 50's themed diner with the most amazing shakes - the food isn't bad either.  Alway's a fun favorite!! Back at the beach it was more of the same. The kids boogie boarded while Janae' and I sat on the beach and enjoyed people watching, visiting, and cracking each other up.

There was a small "Regatta" today that was fun to watch. It is amazing how they can maneuver those boats. The boats were so beautiful on the horizon as the sun was setting.

We caught a little wild life action today.  There were some dolphins that were playing in the surf.  AMAZING!!  Sorry though, I didn't get a photo of that, but I did get a photo of a seal that came up on the beach to eat a fish that it had caught. teehee.

See, I told you we laugh until we cry!! We crack each other up. No one else would probably think what we are laughing about is as funny as we do, but what do we care!!!



I could really get used to this life, minus the little EARTHQUAKE that we had this morning. Yes, we felt it. I thought the lamp was going to fall off the end table. It was really quite exciting. The rest of the day was much less eventful.

We caught up with Chris and Curtis Swartz and family who are down here staying in the Jarman's beach house, and kidnapped their two little girls, Alexa and Emily and surprised Bug and Mady with some friends.  YIPPEE!!

We are having such a wonderful time down here. I love listening to the ocean, but there is just something missing.....hum, I wonder what it could be? If you read Mooch's post last night you will know what I am talking about (it really was quite pathetic, jk). I must say that I miss my sweet husband and my beautiful daughter Aimee, both of which did not come with us. So here is a SHOUT OUT to you both. I love you guys and miss you. WISH YOU WERE HERE ☺.

p.s. Aimee, look at the guy behind me in the photo, I told you there were lots of hot boys here. teehee


This summer has been filled with TRIPS to the cabin, four wheeling, Tiger's Blood shaved ice, Shanghi, a trip to the beach, and lots and lots of fun.

Hayley and I after a fun filled day at the beach.

Me and my "Skitzo" Janae', clowning around as usual. We have so much fun when we are together, and it is always the most amazing adventure.



Okay, so this little "Meet The Huntsman's" cartoon family is creative and cute, but I have to give credit where credit is due.  Once again, I stole someone else's creativity and used it for myself.  I got the idea from Janae's blog.  Thanks Janae - can't wait for the beach next week.



I am the most boring person in the world.  I go to every one's blogs and they have such fun things to write about and great pictures to post, and I look at my blog and it is so generic.  I love this whole blogging thing, but I think I lack creative writing skills that make it interesting for other people to come on and visit.  I do however, love to search for fun, cute, blog backgrounds, and I am always changing mine.  I guess if  my blog can't be interesting because of my own creativity, then I will use someone else's skills to make it fun.  This week I am going to challenge myself to dig deep and find any creative fiber in my body and try and improve upon it.  I'll let you know how I do, or better yet you can see it on my blog.


Wow, it has been a while since I have posted anything.  We have been on vacation up at our cabin on Cedar Mountain with no internet service.  I grew up on this mountain spending many summers and winters with my parents or grandparents.  My Dad and Grandpa started building the cabin when I was five years old so I have many years of memories.  We are going to go back up in a few weeks.  Here are a few photos of our vacation.

This is Hershey taking a dip in a small pond in the meadow near our cabin.  We would take him down there every day and let him swim, he loved it!

Lacie was jealous that she didn't get to go swimming with Hershey, so she found a mud puddle and just went and laid down in it.  All we could do was laugh and capture the moment.

Hayley and Grandpa enjoying some S'mores.

This is a photo of a deer that I took one evening.  The deer pass through our property each night on their way to drink in the ponds.  This particular night must have been "Bucks" night out because there were about five of them together.  This one was the biggest with 4 points on his horns.


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