I could really get used to this life, minus the little EARTHQUAKE that we had this morning. Yes, we felt it. I thought the lamp was going to fall off the end table. It was really quite exciting. The rest of the day was much less eventful.

We caught up with Chris and Curtis Swartz and family who are down here staying in the Jarman's beach house, and kidnapped their two little girls, Alexa and Emily and surprised Bug and Mady with some friends.  YIPPEE!!

We are having such a wonderful time down here. I love listening to the ocean, but there is just something missing.....hum, I wonder what it could be? If you read Mooch's post last night you will know what I am talking about (it really was quite pathetic, jk). I must say that I miss my sweet husband and my beautiful daughter Aimee, both of which did not come with us. So here is a SHOUT OUT to you both. I love you guys and miss you. WISH YOU WERE HERE ☺.

p.s. Aimee, look at the guy behind me in the photo, I told you there were lots of hot boys here. teehee

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Mooch said...

I'm sitting here in my underwear drinking milk from the jug and really missing you. I wish I was there, but someone has to plow the fields and gather the eggs and milk the cow, which by the way i also do that in my underwear


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