Wow, it has been a while since I have posted anything.  We have been on vacation up at our cabin on Cedar Mountain with no internet service.  I grew up on this mountain spending many summers and winters with my parents or grandparents.  My Dad and Grandpa started building the cabin when I was five years old so I have many years of memories.  We are going to go back up in a few weeks.  Here are a few photos of our vacation.

This is Hershey taking a dip in a small pond in the meadow near our cabin.  We would take him down there every day and let him swim, he loved it!

Lacie was jealous that she didn't get to go swimming with Hershey, so she found a mud puddle and just went and laid down in it.  All we could do was laugh and capture the moment.

Hayley and Grandpa enjoying some S'mores.

This is a photo of a deer that I took one evening.  The deer pass through our property each night on their way to drink in the ponds.  This particular night must have been "Bucks" night out because there were about five of them together.  This one was the biggest with 4 points on his horns.

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Mady said...

I had so much fun can't wait till Marnie comes up!


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