Tuesday June 3 - Sight
Tuesday June 10 - Sound
Tuesday June 17- Smell
Tuesday June 24 - Taste
Tuesday July 1 - Touch
Because the summer months are so busy Tuesday Tell All has given us a months worth of "senses" to write about or post photos of. This week is SIGHT. I love the sight of my family having fun and expressing their own unique personalities. I love them all so much, I am truly blessed with a great family.

My ever handsome knight, Mooch.

My "Gangster" Australian Missionary, Tyler.

I hope my kids never get to old to snuggle on the couch with me. I LOVE IT!!

My hilarious Hayley "Bug".

My lovely and dainty Madysen.

My camera shy Amy and her "scary eyed" dog Hershey.


Jared & LeAnn said...

Hi Kelli,

We found your blog on Janae's. Looks like you are doing well. We are enjoying our summer with Kendi. We hope you have a great summer with your kids. Come visit our blog.
Take care,

Jared, LeAnn, and Kendi

Kathy's Boys said...

What a cute picture of Elder H.
I need to write him a letter. SOunds like
he's doing great.


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