Okay, I know it's Sunday, and this probably isn't the best thing to be doing on the Sabbath so shhhhhhhhh, but Mooch is sick (passing another kidney stone) and me and the little girls were board so we thought we would experiment a little and try to do something creative. I was on my skitzo Janae's blog the other day and came across a link she had for Bakerella. This lady had the most amazing and creative ideas for treats that I had ever seen, just look at this photo. Before I go any further, I have to say that anyone who knows me, knows that I am not the best cook around, but as I was looking at all these treats I thought, (and here's where it begins to go wrong) "I can do this", and I even have the ingredients. Okay, so my candy melts are green and red left over from Christmas, and my lollypop sticks are BBQ skewers, but it's Sunday after all and we are improvising, right? So we bake the brownies first, easy enough, right? After they cooled we broke them up into a bowl and mixed in the softened cream cheese until it was sort of like a dough (this recipe is from Bakerella's blog). Sorry, I forgot to take a picture at this point. Then we rolled the mixture into little balls, we didn't have a cute little cookie cutter-----more improvisation (is that a word?)------ and dipped them into the melted candy coating. Easy enough, right?


It all went downhill from here, or was it when the idea began to formulate in my mind? We should have stopped after we made the brownies because they were a perfect batch of brownies, but hind sight is 20/20. Anyway, we put them in the refrigerator to harden the candy coating and then we attempted to put the "lollypop sticks" in before we dipped the other side and things didn't go so well. "We don't care", we said, "They don't have to be cute to eat them." Here's a picture of Mady eating one. She's only smiling because I'm taking her picture, because when she actually took a bite, she said they weren't very good. So now we have all these brownie balls covered with red candy coating. Bakerella's are much cuter and better tasting I'm sure. Click on the link and check out her blog, she really does have some fun ideas. I may try the cupcakes with the candy melt flowers this week (with colors other than green and red though) ...................wish me luck. It may take me a lifetime, but I will find a talent, or die trying.


Kathy's Boys said...

You must have not had the same R.S. lesson we did, because I know YOU do have a lot of talents! Just
maybe different from the girl who can bake those
brownie things!! I can name a few that I know you
have. You are a happy person to be around. Yes,
that's a talent. It brings happiness to others and is
contagious. You are a great friend. You are loyal and
good to people. You are a great wife! (I know, I read
Mooch's blog!!) Anyways, I can't make those brownie things either, so lets play Tennis or something!!!

Keith A. Runyon said...

How often do you change the background on your blog? I know I'm color blind so I'm not exactly sure, but I would swear you change your wallpaper/background DAILY!!!?!?!??!

Kelli said...

What are you talking about Keith.....I have the same background that I have always had, you really are colorblind.......do they have a machine you can wear for that? Teehee just kidding. I get bored with the same old thing......look out Mooch!!! I was just thinking last night that it had been a while since I had changed it so don't be surprised if it's different the next time you come on again. Glad you and Janae had a good time on your trip to Pebble Beach and down memory lane.

Tanner & Andrea said...

That is such a cute idea for the cupcake things.. I so want to make those!- Ya, Im not the best baker either.. but, I think it is fun to try new things.


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