Have you ever had one of those days when the simplest thing gave you the most joy?  Mine was last night.  I was having a great day anyway, I'm feeling like my old self again and I was able to get out of the house and get a few errands done, for the most part, the day was just a good one.  Later in the evening I received a "Thank You" from someone that I didn't even think cared if I existed or not, and it was the "Whipped Cream With a Cherry on Top", end to my day.  There wasn't anything else that could have made my day better than that, not even if you had told me that I had won the lottery......well okay, maybe that, but the thank you was so unexpected and out of character for this person, and it was nice to be acknowledged. I'm sure it was an involuntary response and she couldn't catch herself in time to stop the words, but for me it was like manna from Heaven.  Here it is, the next day, and I am still thinking about that "Thank You".  How grateful I am for those two simple little words.  YIPPEE!!!  Sometimes your kids surprise you when you least expect it (wink-wink).  

P.S.  Visit Mooch's blog.  Very funny stuff!!


Mooch said...

You are such an incredible person. Only I can appreciate how much that meant to you. Oh and by the way, cool blog.

Janae' said...

It just took me a second to realize where the "Thank You" came from. It gave me chilly bumpers up my arms!
I want to hear details!

Love you!



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