Why does summer vacation have to go by so fast.  It seems like we just got here and it's already almost over.  There is something so tranquil about the beach, there is only one other place that is more calming and peaceful, and that is the temple.  We walked down the beach to the pier and had lunch at Ruby's today, a fun little 50's themed diner with the most amazing shakes - the food isn't bad either.  Alway's a fun favorite!! Back at the beach it was more of the same. The kids boogie boarded while Janae' and I sat on the beach and enjoyed people watching, visiting, and cracking each other up.

There was a small "Regatta" today that was fun to watch. It is amazing how they can maneuver those boats. The boats were so beautiful on the horizon as the sun was setting.

We caught a little wild life action today.  There were some dolphins that were playing in the surf.  AMAZING!!  Sorry though, I didn't get a photo of that, but I did get a photo of a seal that came up on the beach to eat a fish that it had caught. teehee.

See, I told you we laugh until we cry!! We crack each other up. No one else would probably think what we are laughing about is as funny as we do, but what do we care!!!

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