Hello fellow bloggers, it's good to be back after a fun filled holiday season. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, and will enjoy a prosperous New Year.

Ok, now on with the story. So last night we went out to dinner at Macayo's with all the kids because it was Tyler's last night home before he headed off into the BIG, WIDE, WORLD.   Just before ordering, Mooch excused himself to go to the restroom.  Anyone who knows Mooch, knows that there is never a dull moment.  He returns back to the table and proceeds to tell us embarrassing story #1,300,654.  

As he walks into the restroom he is followed in by a rather large black man who goes to the urinal right next to him.  Now I know what you all are probably thinking:  large black man, urinal next to Mooch....Mooch is probably a little intimidated, right?  No, not the case this time....ok, well maybe, but Mooch would never admit it.  As Mooch walks up to his spot he looks down and sees a rather large............ wad of chewed up gum at the bottom of the urinal. Disgusted, he starts to speak, "I can't believe..." and right as he starts to speak these words, which were going to be followed with "anyone would ever spit their gum into the bottom of the urinal", this rather large black man spits his gum into the bottom of his own urinal.  But now the words "I can't believe"... are just hanging out there in the air waiting for the rest of the sentence to be finished.  Mooch is at a loss for words but he knows he has to come up with something....this is so embarrassing....."I can't believe....umm...I can't believe....that...umm....I can't believe that I didn't wear a coat".  I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I DIDN'T WEAR A COAT?  What kind of urinal talk is that?  My husband.....gotta love him!!!

p.s.  All that being said, my studly husband passed another 2mm kidney stone today.  Thats 3 in 2 weeks.  Aycarumba!!!  Anybody got any good ideas for a name for this one?

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Jan said...

hahaha! thats the mooch we all know & love! too funny


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