Blessed are we who can laugh
What? Did you think that I would keep that blog stye forever. Of course it was going to change again, what else am I going to do till 3:30 a.m. I did keep the same header though. After all the work that Tiffany put into it for me there was no way I was going to change it. Janae, you have created a monster.


Janae' said...

Oh my gosh...would you go to sleep at night...really...

Kiddin'..This is your cutest one ever. I paid the $15.00 bucks and had Ashley design another background for me. It is awful!!! Can I pay you and have you design mine for me....serious.

I love you FREAK!!


Mooch said...

I am a "blog" widower. Thanks to whoever got my wife into this. I go to bed and she's "bloggin'" I get up for work and she's " bloggin'" And now, I'm "bloggin'"

Tanner & Andrea said...

Hey, I found your blog on Kathys.. I love your background- it is so cute. lol- That makes me laugh when I read what Mooch wrote about you "bloggin" because Tanner says the same thing about me and Kathy. It is fun though for us girls to do! So you design your own backgrounds?... Do you have to have some special software to do that? I want to know more!! Cory was home this weekend and we were all talking about when Tyler comes home.. I cant believe only 165 more days... How crazy is that! He is going to be in shock because when he left Tanner and I were dating...and then when comes back we will have a baby- Hey a lot can happen in 2 years.. haha. Well- Hope all is going well. Talk to ya later..


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