So today was take your kids to work day, and Mooch couldn't take them with him because he had meetings all day, so since I am a stay at home mom, does that mean that they get to stay home from school all day and play, because that is like being with mom at work? Because that is exactly what we did. First off we all slept in...YIPPEE, and then we invited other friends over who couldn't feasibly go to work with their dads either, and we had a party....well the kids had a party, but then I still had to grocery shop, clean the house, do laundry, have lunch with Holly (Skitzo Sista), etc etc. What I want to know is this: What about the poor sap who CAN feasibly take his kids to work with him and he has like six of them? I'm thinking that it would just be easier to take the day off and spend it with the kids no matter how many you have. Something to think about all you fathers out there.

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