We finally left the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and are home, YIPPEE!!  Bug was so happy to leave the hospital.  It had been awhile since she had slept in her own bed and she was so happy.  There is nothing new as far as knowing what was causing her fever's and back pain, but she hasn't had one since Tuesday night so we are happy about that.  
Now the real fun starts, Laundry........ICK!!!  We have been gone for so long that I am buried in laundry.  If I'm not out in like three days, send in reinforcements, preferably a maid!!!


Janae' said...

What!! I thought she was home days ago.!!! I need a direct line to the "huntsman happenings" I guess. I am soooo glad she and YOU are home.

Hmmmm, whos your Portugal PenPal?


Annie said...

I bet it is difficult not knowing what caused this. I am so happy that she is ok. To bad we don't live closer I would gladly come and help with your laundry. Hope you find your way to the bottom.


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