G'day Mates

Oh my gosh I can hardly believe that it is less than a month away before we go to Australia to pick up Tyler. The time is flying by and I am beginning to get a little nervous about the flight over. Not because I am afraid of flying, but more because we will be on the for like hours. What am I going to do on a plane for hours???  I haven't spent that much time with Mooch, just he and I, since we were dating.  What if I get all claustrophobic and the air marshals have to take me down.  Now that would be a POST . I need some ideas, so any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Annie said...

If you like to read and have not already read the Twilight series take them with you. You will be mad when the plain lands and you have to put it down. They are really that good. Did you get my email about coming to stay over night?

Janae' said...

Ambien. Trust me. Oh yeah and some cheetos. Hand sanitizors too.

But mostly...Ambien!


Kathy's Boys said...

Maybe you could read the whole Book of Mormon in 17 hours....or maybe 34 since you will be flying for 17 hours to get back home too!!
Just an idea!!
We are so excited for you guys. Let us know when we should be at the airport with our signs and balloons when you all return. Cory is flying home for the big day too!


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