Recognition is the First Step to Recovery

I have to admit that not since Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi have I been this addicted to something. I can quit anytime I want to though. ReAllY i CaN. I have proudly limited myself to only every few days or so (on the blog, not the Diet Coke or Pepsi), but I will think about it constantly. I can't wait to find new opportunities to take photos to post, talk about my family, find new blinkies, cartoons or sayings, but mostly finding new backgrounds. Some of you may have noticed how often I change my background. I will not be happy until I have looked at all the sites that have FREE backgrounds and have found the perfect one. It helps that Mooch is a junkie too. As for Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi (I'm more partial to Diet Pepsi but will drink Diet Coke if I'm in a pinch), I will humbly admit that it is probably an addiction that I will have for the rest of my life. All this blogging is making me thirsty, I think I'll go pour myself a tall one.



Mooch said...
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Mooch said...

I will be the first to suggest the possible need of an intervention.
I feel like a "blog widower"
But I do like Diet Pepsi (alot!)

Janae' said...

Hahahaha-that cartoon sitting in the bathtub with a laptop totally cracked me up.

This is an addiction that I hop to always be an "enabler" to you!


CLUB! (Marnie,Eliza,and Mady) said...

The guy in the bathtub is so funny!

Alec and Tiffany said...

I love that cartoon too!! You guys are getting so close to picking up Tyler, how exciting for you guys!

Kathy's Boys said...

The way I justify it is...it could be worse! Happy Birthday to you too!! Call me when you all can go
to lunch.

JoEllen said...

Hi Kelli thanks for sending me a note. I love your blog, its so cute, I might just have to copy, cause I.m new! I'm in Parowan, on a laptop, but I'll be home tomorrow and I can accomplish a lot more on my Apple so I'll write again or call you! Love you too, miss you at tennis ... miss all the fun chatting ... miss a little gossip ... Love, JoEllen


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