EXPERIMENT REPORT (see previous post)

PLEASE BE ADVISED, THE FOLLOWING REPORT CONTAINS IMAGES THAT MAY BE DISTURBING TO THE SQUEEMISH!! I promised that I would let you know how my whole "Fake it 'til you make it" experiment went......well, let me tell you, it has been one hell of a week (sorry for that). The first part of the week went fairly good. I made a conscious effort to stop and smile whenever something frustrating happened, and I have to admit that it did help me to have a more positive outlook, then mid-week came around and I realized that Tyler would be giving his mission report on Sunday and as usual I let that sort of stuff stress me out way too much and I sort of forgot to smile, but then my dear friend Janae helped me put together a few things and I felt much better, and she definitely puts a smile on my face....I love my friends. I was doing pretty good with preparing the desserts ahead of time and figured that I would save Saturday for cleaning. I had it all figured out.......and it was all going to come together beautifully. Saturday came and I got up early and started my day......I was on a roll and the light at the end of the tunnel was getting closer and closer until......I get a phone call from Mooch that went something like this:

Me: hello (smiling)!

Mooch: Kelli? I've had a little accident at work.

Me: that's nice honey (smiling)....can you get me some (can't remember what) on your way home?

Mooch: well I would but I'm on my way to the quick care.

Me: what (smiling)?

Mooch: I cut my hand up pretty bad, so Ron is taking me to quick care.

Me: (smiling) just how bad is it?

Mooch: pretty bad, I may have lost some fingers.

Me: (still smiling) ok...call me when you know more..bye...click.

OK...STOP....AND....SMILE...... I do, from ear to ear but clenching my teeth at the same time......he will do anything to get out of helping me (still smiling)!! My next phone call is to Ron:

Me: Ron, it's me, don't let Mooch know I'm on the phone.

Ron: (laughing) ok...what's up?

Me: Is it really that bad?

Ron: I don't know, we'll know more when we get to the doctor.

Me: Well he tends to over exaggerate things a bit so I just wanted to hear from you.

Ron: I'll call you after we get to the quick care....bye....click.

My next phone call comes about 15 minutes later....it's Mooch:

Mooch: They wouldn't take me at the quick care.

Me: Why, were they too busy?

Mooch: No, they said my injury was too bad and I would need to go to an emergency room so we are headed there now.

Me: (certain that he really didn't go to a quick care and just made that last part up) Ok.....is it really that bad? Are you like, bleeding really bad?

Mooch: I don't know, I have it wrapped in a towel and I'm too afraid to look at it, but yea, it is bleeding pretty bad, the blood is running down my arm. I'll call you when I get to the hospital....bye....click.

I'm still smiling at this point but it is more like a smirk now because I'm thinking to myself he is such a baby, he gets a scratch and thinks he's going to need stitches. I keep cleaning, but as I'm cleaning I start having this little battle in my mind, you know the one where you have the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other:

Angel: Am I being a bad wife because I'm not rushing down there to be with him?

Devil: Nooooo...he's got Ron, he'll be ok.

Angel: If you were hurt, you'd want Mooch there with you.

Devil: Yea, but he's probably not hurt that bad.

Angel: But what if he is and you don't go, you will feel terrible.

Devil: I know, but I have so much cleaning to do....how could he do this to me?

Angel: Kelli!....GO.TO.THE.HOSPITAL....NOW!

I go to the hospital. The doctor is just finishing with the stitches. More than seventy-five...their not sure...they quit counting after fifty. No fingers were lost (but three days later he has surgery to repair a tendon). He (Mooch) is filthy, with blood all over his clothes. I'm feeling like a schmuck. I take him home. He's in tremendous pain. He needs a shower. How does he do this by himself? I have to shower him........WHO DO YOU THINK IS SMILING FROM EAR TO EAR NOW? I wonder if his smile is tricking his brain into thinking that his hand doesn't hurt.....hmmmm? 

Experiment conclusion:  I think my smiles needed to be a little more genuine and a little less critical but I don't want to continue with the experiment because I'm afraid of what the next week will bring.


joellen said...

Oh, thats really bad looking .... hope you both survive!
PS Forget the smile Kelli!

Jan said...

OMGoodness! Poor Mooch! YUCK & OUCH.... so glad he didnt loos any digits - that's no fun :-0! So glad you had the forsight to shower him. There are just some things he probably shouldnt do alone! wink, wink!

ps....I think smiling should always be accompanied by laughter!

Kathy's Boys said...

ooooh, that looks pretty bad. Who could smile at a time like this? Tyler did a great job and the food was great, I'm sure...sorry we were soooo late. Sundays are not the best, well that didn't sound good.. I mean Sundays are soooo busy. By the time Brad gets finished with Tithing and all we finally made it over at 6:00. He did great though, and we were all so proud of him. It's great to have him around again. I hope Mooch recovers well. I saw him as we were walking into church on sunday, but didn't stop to even talk. I'm always late and try sooo hard to get there on time, so I was trying to hurry in before the song started. Poor Brad is sitting up on the stand every week watching his family walk in late all of the time. So tell Mooch, we hope he gets better quick!

Annie said...

Does he have full use of his hand? How did he do it? I worry every day that Dan is going to call me and tell me something like that. I am glad he is ok.

tara @ kidz said...

Yikes! You even warned gruesome photos were coming, and I used to work in the medical field, but I just wasn't prepared for that. OUCH!

Stopped by through Daily Scoop and I'm glad I did! Kind of. ;O)


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