I've been wanting to start blogging again, but not necessarily under these circumstances. We had to put our dog Hershey down on 08/09/10, and it was so very difficult to do. He has been part of our family for 10 1/2 years, and we are going to miss him so much.

He loved going to the cabin, and swimming in the creek that ran trough the meadow. He has always been such a scardy cat, so the first time we took him we were surprised when he went in without being coaxed.

He wasn't the greatest as "guard dogs" go, because he was just too friendly. He was certain that anyone who came over to visit was there to see him, and he always made sure to welcome them.

As a puppy, he was a terror!! I can't tell you how many pairs of shoes that he chewed up, not to mention how many times he pulled out the sprinkler drip system. I seriously questioned whether we had made the right decision in getting him, but once he hit the 2 year mark, he settled right down and we couldn't have asked for a better dog, he has been the best dog. He was always so patient and gentle with any small children as they climbed all over him and rode him like a horse. We are very sad, but know that he is in a better place free from pain and any discomfort.


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Maren and Rikky said...

I'm very sorry to hear that.


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