Sometime ago, I wrote a post about finding my talents. Since then I have wracked my brain trying to find something that would even come close to resembling a talent. I've even asked people to tell me what they think my talents are, and the best they can come up with is that I can "DO LUNCH" better than anyone they know! See, I AM talent deficient!! When we were all standing in line to receive our talents, I think the machine got stuck at Jan Hodson, and she got them ALL! Seriously, I dare anyone to find someone more talented than she is! Then in their efforts to try and fix the machine, I got lost in the shuffle. "Move along lady, they are serving lunch in the cafeteria if you are interested." I guess I was!

So, since I missed out on talent day, I think God must have felt sorry for me, so he blessed me with some really great friends that I can share my "LUNCH" talent with, or who could help me find a more legitimate talent. Janae has tried for several years to get me to go to a quilt camp with her, but I would just laugh and say, "Are you kidding me, what on earth would I do at a quilt camp?" I have never sewed in my life, and didn't really have any interest in learning.....actually, lets be honest here, I lacked the confidence that I could actually do it. Janae was pleasantly persistent and eventually she talked me into making an apron.....and then I went crazy! It turned out so cute that I made one for everyone I could think of for Christmas that year. Since then, I have tried more difficult patterns, some with ruffles, some with pleats....and guess what? I can do it! Amazing what a person can do if you just "give it a shot", and read the directions!

Then she even convinced me to make a quilt.....CRAZY!! WHO KNEW I COULD ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS! I do however, need a model...the dining room chairs and the back of the couch just don't quite cut it. Any takers?

It gets even better! I recently made two of these little dresses for baby shower gifts, and now Janae and I are going to start an Etsy Shop to sell our creations! So, until we get the shop up and running, here is just a sample of the things we will have. These are just the things I have made, Janae has even more lovelies to share. STAY TUNED!!

So there you have it, I have found a talent after all, and not only is it a talent, but is has become an obsession. I can often be found in my little craft room, sewing into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes Mooch and I pass each other as I am going to bed and he is just getting up for the day....probably not the best thing for a relationship. I guess I will have to make a few minor adjustments with my new found talent, but I still find time to "DO LUNCH" every now and then, so call me! :o)


joellen said...

cute post Kelli ... I can think of other talents you have, but I must say, your aprons are darling!! Can I borrow the patterns????

Janae' said...

You're baaaaaaack!!! I am so happy. I can think of loads of your talents. BLOGGING IS ONE OF THEM! Keep it up!

Kathy's Boys said...

I feel the same way about Talents and JAN Hodson!!! Maybe you could teach me something, I love the Aprons, sooo cute! And don't think you don't have any. Your house is beautiful, you are a good friend to many, etc......I hadn't checked your blog for awhile cause I didn't think you were doing it anymore. I'm glad to see your back at it!


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