Say Hello to Penelope!

Penelope is so adorable and looks so great sitting in my entryway!

  She was a bit of a struggle to revive.  I didn't notice when I purchased her that she had a leather inset on top. 

It came off quite easily but underneath was a cheap piece of particle board that the leather was glued to, and as I sanded, it  started splintering. 

 I was so discouraged, but the hubs saved the day with some epoxy.  He floated it out and sanded it smooth (sorry no pic).  The paint went on perfect and she turned out beautifully.

Again, here she is


and here she is


Love Love Love Her!


Markae said...

Oh my that is sooooooo freakin cute.. I think you found your calling..Great Job!!!

joellen said...

so cute Kelli ... I love checking out your creations!

Vicky said...

She is a cutie! Nice job :)

Anonymous said...

Sandi @ Making It Homey said... I love how it turned out. Such a pretty table, you did such a good job of distressing her.

WhyCuzICan said...

This Miss Penolope would look great in my guest room ;)

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