Taking a Little Break.....Camping?

I wish I could tell you that I was taking a break to someplace exotic, where I would be basking poolside. fruity drink in hand, embellished with a little umbrella,    being spritzed by the pool boy to cool me off, and ordering poolside service, but that is not the case.  My little break will be up the mountain to Girls Camp!    I have to admit though, that I am actually a wee bit excited.  Both my younger girls will be there with me, not to mention my very bestest friend!  It's not really where you're at, it's who you're with, right, and no matter whereJanae and I are, we always have a great time, and having my girls along, will make it all the better.

There probably won't be fruity drinks with umbrellas, or poolside service, but there will be dutch oven peach cobbler, stories around the campfire, and smores!  Yum:)  

I have plenty of projects to work on but didn't want to start anything until I get back, so stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli, hope your camping trip is fun. I tried to contact you via your profile contact info but it doesn't work. Pls e-mail me if you don't mind sharing you e-mail address and I can send you my paint info (and tell you why I can't post it).


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