Fireplace Transformation

It has been a while since I have worked on anything, but I finally got the motivation to finish a project that has been an eye sore in my family room for about 4 months now.  I am a tad bit OCD, and usually won't start a project unless I can see it completed in a day or two, so I am surprised that I allowed this project to go unfinished for so long, especially since it has been staring me right in the face all this time.  I forgot to take a before pic, but  I went through the family photos and found one that gives a pretty good idea of what it used to look like.  This is what it looked like before:

This is what has been staring at me for 4 months:


I love it!!  My oldest daughter (19) said: "How come you painted it white?"  I said: "Because I wanted it to be that color."  Her reply: "It doesn't look good!"  Ouch!!  I guess I failed in teaching her sensitivity.

Here is a pic showing more of the room.  I took it with my phone so it's a little dark, but the white really brightens up the place.

I'm still playing around with what to adorn the mantle with, but tell me what you think about the new color.

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eleven-o-one said...

I love the new color. It really brightens things up. Great job! Love your shutters, too. that is what I would love all over my house but with 35 windows in the house it's not exactly the most affordable option.


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