Wanna Know What Really Bugs Me?

I try really hard to make life as easy as possible for my family, because if I make things easy for them, then things are easier on me.  See my logic?  But, there is something that just really gets me going, sets me off, causes me to grit my teeth to prevent myself from swearing, gets my underwear in a wad...you get the idea?  It really is so trivial, but come on family!!!

I walked into our downstairs powder room this afternoon to find this (sorry about the quality of the photo's):

HOW HARD IS IT PEOPLE?  I even replaced the traditional holder's, you know the one's I'm talking about, the one's that require too much effort to replace the old roll with a new one, with much simpler holder's, so simple in fact that all you have to do is slide on the new roll.
(notice the little patch job that the hub's still hasn't gotten around to touching up since we installed the easier more efficient toilet paper holders?)

OK, I feel much better now that I have that off my chest, and now you know what really bugs me!

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