My Favorite Time of Year!

I know, I know, a few years back I said that spring was my favorite time of year, and it still is...in the springtime, but now it's fall, because it's falltime :)  This time of year is usually quite stressful for me, but several weeks ago when I realized that the holiday season was fast approaching, I didn't get that knot in my stomach wondering how on earth I was going to pull off Christmas.  Despite the trials that we have faced in 2011, I found myself relishing all the blessings that we have been the recipient of throughout the year instead, and to sum it all up:  WE ARE TREMENDOUSLY BLESSED!!!  My faith has definitely been put to the test this past year, and I can honestly say that it has been made stronger because of our trials.  I know they are not over by any means, but I have learned that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be.  I have an amazing husband who, despite all of the pain from his health issues, goes to work every day, and works harder than anyone I know to provide for his family.  I have four beautiful, healthy children who rarely, if ever complain about our current circumstances.  I have wonderful parents who are so helpful and supportive, and I have amazing friends who always seem to put a smile of my face.  These blessings barely scratch the surface of all the blessings that I receive on a daily basis.  I am facing the holiday's with a whole new perspective this year.  The perspective of GRATITUDE!  What are you grateful for?

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eleven-o-one said...

Love your spirit of thanksgiving. I always tell myself that no matter how bad I think things might be, there is always someone who has it much worse than me.

But I also get your tp roll frustration! Cute. My family can't do that either. Nor can they flush apparently! :) But hey...I am thankful to have them to clean up after. (right??)


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