Chocolate, Peanut Butter, & Baptism

We have met so many people while we have been here, and it has been so much fun to become acquainted with the people who have had such an impact in Tyler's life over the last two years. Of course most of these people have been the other missionaries, and the Lindley family. Well you can't be in the mission home without meeting the investigators as well. So let me tell you about Jane. Jane is a single mother who is American but has lived here for about ten years. She met and married an Australian, they had a daughter (Madison), and then they divorced about five years ago. Jane was raised catholic but has over the past few years, investigated several religions. She met the missionaries and began taking the discussions and then set a baptism date a few different times, however she has never been able to go through with it. We first met Jane at church on Sunday and that is where she became our chauffeur. Sister Lindley asked her if she would give us a ride home from church and then pick us back up and bring us to the mission home for dinner that night which Jane agreed. Little did Jane know that she would become our driver for the next few days as well. Monday morning we had plans to play tennis but it was raining so I called Sister Lindley and she suggested that we get together for lunch later on and maybe the rain would be stopped by then. During our conversation she issues me a challenge to share my testimony with Jane if the opportunity arises. So Monday mid-morning Jane picks us up for lunch then after lunch we all go play tennis, which includes two elders, a few Lindley's, Lynn (recent convert), Jane, and Mooch and I. During the drive over to the tennis facility guess what happens? The opportunity arises, imagine that, so I share my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.
Tennis was a blast and after tennis, the Elder's were going to have Sister Lindley drop them off at the Stake Center to play some volleyball with more Elders and they invited us to come along and we said we would love to. We get to the church and it is full of elders playing volleyball, and Mooch jumps right in, and I sit on the stage visiting with Lynn, Jane and Sister Lindley. Somehow we get on the subject of chocolate, then the conversation turns to peanut butter, at which time Jane mentions that she loves Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter M&M's, Reeses Pieces, and any other candy that has peanut butter in it. Those sorts of candy are not available in Australia. I told her that if she would give me her address that I would send her some, and she was so happy that she came up and gave me a hug, at which time I said (totally in fun) "But you have to get baptised". She laughs and says that she will probably do it eventually and that I should come back over when she does. The Elders hear our conversation and join in on the fun. Here is where I am going to attempt to make this long story short. The next words out of Janes mouth are "You know what, why not do it right now, lets do it today." The next hour was spent filling the font, running home to change clothes, making phone calls, arranging talks, and BAPTISING JANE!! She did it, Jane was baptised today, and Mooch and I will forever be a part of her conversion story, how cool is that? It was such an awesome thing to see those Elders in action trying to coordinate everything and pull this all together so that Jane could be baptised and receive the Holy Ghost. What an awesome day. I'll post the photos tomorrow because I ran out of time so check back.
Tomorrow, Jane is taking us to the zoo to see all the Australian animals, should be lots of fun.


Alec and Tiffany said...

TELL TYLER HELLO! HAVE A BLAST! I loved your baptism story...mission life is so special.


CLUB! (Marnie,Eliza,and Mady) said...

Very good story. But you are still making me pretty mad! Did you see Tyler? Weren't you supposed to see him today? If not what time will you get to and make sure you post right after. I need to know what is going on and besides you can't call me and I am the most anxious person to know what is going on. So why wont you post like twice a day? I need information and details. I want your stories on here to be long so that I can read them. Here is the deal I will make blog posts too. If you promise to make a post twice a day I will do two posts a day too. Just so you can see what is going on here also.
So whether you really agree or not just know that I will be sad if you do not.

CLUB! (Marnie,Eliza,and Mady) said...

Oh and can you check you e-mails for comments?


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