I have the coolest friends in the world. Since returning from Australia, I have been suffering from jet lag, and SWAMPED with......you guessed it...........LAUNDRY!! Well, in the middle of my never ending ironing today, I got a phone call from my Sista Holly, and she informed me that I was going to Portland tomorrow to see Celine Dion in concert tomorrow night. HOW COOL IS THAT.......GIRLS TRIP!!! We are going to laugh until we cry, I JuSt KnOw It! I can't wait to see Oregon too. I have heard that it is some of the prettiest country in the world. How lucky am I? SiStA's - YoU RoCk!! A maid would still be nice:)

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Alec and Tiffany said...

Jealous! I have always wanted to see Celine in concert, but have never had the chance. I know all you girls will have a great time together!


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