I love my friends and here are just a FEW reasons (there are many, many more reasons but I can't publish them all) why:

  • They are funny so..........they make me laugh till I cry.
  • They are crazy so..........it forces me to let my hair down.
  • They are smart so..........they make me think.
  • They are reflective so..........they make me ponder.
  • They are good mothers (one even a grammy) so..........they help me be a better mother.
  • They are creative so............they inspire me.
  • They are motivated so........they challenge me.
  • They are blond so...........I'm not alone in my dorkiness.
  • They LOVE ME and...........I LOVE THEM!!!  

    I'm laughing right now just remembering the fun few days that we had in Portland.  WOW! what a beautiful place, thanks Holly for sharing a little of your life history.  Here are some photos so you can see why I LOVE MY FRIENDS!


    Mooch said...

    I am grateful that you have such good friends. Not only do I love them too, but it is how happy you are when you are with them. Because you know the famous saying "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"

    Kathy's Boys said...

    looks like fun! You are becoming a world traveler.
    We are sure enjoying Tyloy being home. It is so fun to see him walking through our front door, just like old times!! He looks great and is fun to have around!

    Jared and LeAnn said...

    You girls have too much fun! We miss you too. I'm sad to say that Jared hasn't painted anything this year. I'm telling everyone I know to encourage him to paint more so pass that along to Janae as well please. I can only bug him so much.


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