I don't have any photos to post today. Well I do, but it takes too long to upload them and I am too tired to wait. We played tennis today with President and Sister Lindley and had a total blast. 7-5, 4-6, 6-1 The victory made it even sweeter. After tennis we had lunch with Jane and a few of the Lindley children. What great kids!! We have only been here 1 week and I feel as though I have known these people my entire life. I am truly going to miss them all. After lunch we went to see two of Tyler's former companions, Elder Moe and Elder Dredge. We visited with them for a while then came back to the hotel for a bit. Jane and Madison had a care package for us to take home so we went over to their house to visit and say our goodbyes. It has been so great getting to know them, I am going to truly miss them. We are going to try and come back in a year when Jane goes to the temple and I can't wait for that day to come. We left there and went to the Mission Home for one last visit and to say our goodbyes and ended up staying for dinner. The Lindley's are an amazing family and have been so great to Tyler while he has been on his mission. It was hard for me to leave this evening, so I can only imagine what it must be like for him.
Anyway, that was our day, and we leave in the morning (Sat. here, Fri. there) and we will be home Saturday afternoon. See you all then!!!


CLUB! (Marnie,Eliza,and Mady) said...

I am so excited! I can't wait to see you guys. I love you! See you tomorrow! Love Mady!

The Lords said...

Kelli--I hope you don't mind but I have LOVED reading about your wonderful trip to Australia to pick up your sweet missionary. Thank you for sharing this adventure through your blog. My heart was so touched by so many things, but your experience with Jane was amazing! How special to know that you were part of the plan, in order for her to join the church. The gospel is true---we are so blessed! Thanks again. Keri

Kelli said...

Keri, I am so glad that you came on to visit. It was the most amazing trip, and WE HAVE OUR BOY HOME!! I would love to go onto your blog but you are private. What are the membership requirements to get in THE HOUSE OF LORDS? I pay a full tithe, I obey the WOW, etc., etc.


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